Ipsum Clinical is a Life Sciences and MedTech services provider headquartered in suburban Philadelphia and Medellin Colombia, with core competencies in Clinical, Medical Devices, Software and Technology Services.

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    Clinical Services

    Ipsum clinical operates a multi-site network in Colombia South America with 5 geographically distributed sites. These sites conduct clinical trials in Tropical Medicine, Metabolic Disorders, Cardiac Care, Alzheimers and Medical Devices. All sites are certified by Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos (IVIMIA). This organization is the Colombian analogue to the FDA and regulates clinical trials in Columbia. Data from IVIMIA certified sites is accepted by the FDA.


    Medical Devices

    Colombia is an optimal environment for testing and developing medical devices. The regulatory community allows new medical devices to be approved for research in 30 days. This combined with the modern surgical centers in Ipsum’s site network, creates an efficient market to test and develop novel medical devices. Colombia is also in the same time zone as the east coast of the United States, making real time communication and collaboration with distributed teams highly productive.


    Software & Technology Services

    We provide data management and statistical services as part of the clinical trial framework as well as offer software and technology capabilities for developing Life Sciences and MedTech software. We have developed multiple applications in connected health, regulatory affairs and life sciences data analytics. In the connected health space, we have developed solutions for taking telemetry from wireless sensors, doing real time signal processing on a mobile device and cloud based data services for detailed analysis and long term storage. Within regulatory affairs, we’ve developed platforms for label compliance management and in Life Sciences data analytics we’ve engineered data platforms for outcomes based analysis around bundled service offerings.