It is facilitating the economic development of the city towards intensive businesses science, technology and innovation, in an inclusive and sustainable way. Its main objective in 2021 is to position Medellín as the most innovative city in Latin America. To learn more about the work done, its raison d’etre, its principles and its programs and projects, we invite you to browse this site, where you can find in detail all important aspects that are the basis of this project city.

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ClinDatrix, Inc.

is a privately held, full-service CRO founded in 2002 to help drug and medical device innovators advance their therapeutic products toward regulatory approval.

Over the past decade, ClinDatrix has grown to offer contract research expertise from preclinical development guidance through regulatory filings and post-marketing studies. We continue to work primarily with small to mid-sized companies, a subset of innovators we know and serve very well. We also are a reliable resource to large pharma and medical device companies seeking to outsource specialized tasks for timely completion.

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Source Meridian

Is to help our customers create innovative services and solutions and grow their businesses. For that purpose we provide rich technology competencies in, publishing, text analytics and pharmaceutical domain expertise.

Since our inception, we have been focused on delivering the best solutions while maintaining an open-minded, dynamic, and customer-centric approach.

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Grupo Internacional de Tecnologia SA

Michael is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who built his career in assisting early-stage companies to develop innovative products and bring them quickly to market. A product of the 1990’s technology startup boom, Michael has been bootstrapping and investing in young businesses for more than 20 years.

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CECIF (stands for Centro de la ciencia y la investigación farmacéutica) is a Colombian Center for Research and Technological Development founded in 1997 and administered by Colciencias. The main activities done in CECIF are: basic and applied research, experimental development and prototyping.

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Colombia is a country filled with possibilities. With great accomplishments in terms of security, socioeconomic development, foreign investment, trade agreements and great tourism opportunities, we have become a symbol of talent, hard work and passion.

Colombia Country Brand, also known as Marca País Colombia, is a joint effort between the National Government and the private sector. As the official nation brand strategy, it aims to show the world the determination, passion and dedication we have invested to make out of this country the best place in the world to live.

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