We have profound expertise in the following tropical diseases


Capabilities for Zika, arboviruses and other tropical disease studies


To date, over 100,000 suspected cases of Zika and have been reported in Colombia.

Our organization is well positioned to contribute in the fight against neglected and emerging infectious diseases, closing the gaps between the affected communities, researchers and sponsors.

Sites and network

We maintain a wide network of sites in Colombia.  Many of these sites were set up specifically to run studies in tropical and emerging infectious diseases such as Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya.

These capabilities include active/passive vigilance, field diagnostic evaluation and clinical trials as well as economic evaluations.

Since the healthcare network plays a key role in the control of outbreaks, we have developed ties with academic and government institutions in Colombia.  This is especially true at the local level, where most of the impact of outbreaks is felt.

With this infrastructure in place, we can work according to the local regulations in the execution of our studies and we enjoy close coordination with government institutions.  This coordination has been valuable for example, in obtaining human samples such as sera from Zika infected patients.

Our sites have different capabilities for delivering healthcare but each one has the logistic and scientific capacity to conduct studies.  All of these sites are in zones that are susceptible for arborvirus transmission.  The sites range from larger cities (Medellin, Cartagena) to rural and remote areas (Sierra Nevada, Calabazo).  All of these sites have access to large populations at risk for Zika and other tropical diseases.

Principal Investigators

Ipsum has developed a strong group of enthusiastic and experienced researchers across several cities in Colombia. We also rely on researchers and collaborators at different levels, such as microbiologists, pharmacists and clinical research coordinators.  Click here to read more about some of our principal investigators.


Clinical Strategy

Rely on IPSUM’s experienced tropical disease team to deliver the optimal clinical strategy. As new therapeutics are identified and need clinical testing, our team is already on the ground and well-prepared to start trials quickly and keep them on track. With access to a large amount of affected patients, we run multisite trials in tropical areas of Colombia.

Infectious disease research goes through challenging regulatory settings in terms of clinical, statistical and safety data requirements. An investigational drug/vaccine needs to undergo various types of studies, such as, non-inferiority, equivalence, and superiority studies in varied age groups to prove itself as a promising treatment, against a particular disease prior to market approvals. Our experienced and devoted teams of experts understand these issues and provide customized solutions in accordance with the requirements of our clients. Well-equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies, we can provide personalized solutions to meet your business needs.

Infectious diseases affect more than 1 billion people, living in tropical and subtropical climates. Over 70% of countries and territories that report the presence of tropical diseases are low-income or lower middle-income economies. Our access to patients in remote tropical areas of Colombia gives us the advantage to recruit diverse populations, at a fast rate, helping us manage our client’s studies proficiently and meet objectives.