Zika sample 2

Access large populations at risk for Zika

Sites and network:

  • Wide network of sites in endemic zones for Zika.
  • Capabilities include active/passive vigilance, field diagnostic evaluation and clinical trials as well as economic evaluations.
  • Strong ties with academic and government institutions in Colombia.
  • Work according to the local regulations in the execution of studies
  • Sites have logistic and scientific capacity to conduct Zika studies.
  • Sites have access to large populations at risk for Zika and other tropical diseases.



  • Surveillance studies (passive and active)
  • Proof of concept for diagnostic tests
  • Phase I and II diagnostic tests evaluation
  • Economic evaluation of diagnostics tests
  • Clinical trials (phase II, III and IV)
  • Vaccine and new drugs economic evaluation
  • In-field evaluation of medical devices

Map. Location of Ipsum sites with capacity to conduct Zika studies

Tropical Disease Sites